Worker Safety Is The Key!

I am constantly speaking with clients and prospects about the need for safety in the work place.  Many of my prospects generally start the first meeting with “this client (or prospect) of ours has some pretty detailed safety requirements and we could really use your help.  Another reason for the first meeting might be that the prospect has been going so long without an organized program, they feel their luck is running out.

I am a business owner, so of course I am always willing to listen and help out anywhere and with every available opportunity.

That said, many companies have their reasons for implementing safety programs.   The reasons above are, of course valid, and their are many other reasons that might include pressure from insurance companies, past OSHA citations, higher than normal work comp rates, etc.

Whatever the reason for implementing a safety program…that’s OK; just as long as the program is implemented.  ALL workers have the right to go to work and not fear for their safety.  Not only should companies provide a safe working environment, they are required to be safe by law.  OSHA requires all companies to provide a safe work environment for their workers.

Look, from my prospective, the best companies in the construction industry, are not only good at their specific trade (pouring concrete, welding, heating and air condition, etc.) but they are also keeping their workers safe.  Their employees go to work most days with a plan to perform their jobs safely.   That’s right, they have a plan to work safely.  The key is having a plan…if you haven’t figured that out.

The first step in commencing a safety program in your organization is having a need and a desire to be safe (the reason does not have to be that important).  Then you must have management buy in.  Successful safety programs start at the top (owner, top manager, or someone in a top leadership position)…lead by example.  Depending on your industry (mine is mostly construction and general industry) the next step is having policies and programs.  Once the policies are in place you need to train your workers in the expectations of those policies.

This is my first of many blogs.  I hope you enjoyed it.  My passion is working to help keep people safe.  If the “prize” is providing a safe work environment, then everything else will fall into place.

Thank You!

Greg Rothbardt, Sagecar Solutions