Jobsite Inspections

People often ask me how do we get started with a safety program.  A great way to get going is jobsite/plant safety inspections.   The inspector will then be able to get a good handle on the safety practices of the field personnel.

An informed inspector will eliminate the immediate hazard(s) and will attempt to educate and counsel jobsite personnel so that they can behave more safely in the future.

The thing is, if the company is performing regular safety inspections, workers on the sites will generally stay on their toes, as they will not want to have to answer to safety infractions on a weekly basis, at least that is the common practice.

Along with the site inspection, the inspector should complete an inspection report.  We happen to use an app called IAuditor, but their are others.  The site inspection memorializes the inspection.  Hopefully no one will ever need to go back and pull these inspection reports once filed (that would mean there has been a negative issue or injury on the site).

Ultimately the goal is to have fewer incidents on jobsites.    Workers need to be educated on the hazards, and how to recognize and eliminate them.    The follow up on the jobsite hazards may include the start of a safety training program…see our next article.

Thank you