Training is a Tool for your Tool Box

“Safety training is so boring”.  I hear this pretty regularly from clients and potential clients.  I have to admit that some of the topics can be “less than” exciting.  How about Hazcom with the GHS update? A snooze fest right?  How about Respiratory Protection Training?  Put me to sleep why don’t you?

When performing safety training, the trainer needs to try and involve his audience in the training topic.

For example I recently completed Hazcom training for a client.  As part of the training I handed out SDS sheets for a product that this particular group uses on a regular basis.  I structured the training around the product in the SDS, some type of duct glue.  During the training I would ask questions regarding this product in hopes that my audience would utilize the tools given to them for the training.

Safety training should be used as a tool to keep workers safe.  Companies have expectations for how to behave on the job so workers don’t get injured.  It is the same as expectations on how to complete your job so it can be billed to the client.  A plumber needs to know the proper method and tools needed to install pipe, fixtures, etc.  Without the proper tools, that job is going to be very difficult if not impossible to complete.

Without the proper training and resources (tools), it’s going to be very difficult to get your job done safely.    workers need the policies and procedures.  They also need the safety training to know what those expectations are.  The policies and procedures are there to back up the training, as most workers are not going to retain all of the knowledge from the training.   In addition to these items, it is always helpful to have someone reinforcing safety guidelines on a regular basis, maybe a safety director or a safety consultant.

Constant reinforcement of safety guidelines will help all workers throughout their days.  Once you start eliminating unsafe behaviors and actions, then you start to reduce the # of incidents and accidents.

Please contact Sagecar Solutions for any/all safety training.  Winter generally seems like a good time for safety training, as there are many contractors that slow down in the winter.

Thank you for your time!